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Kobo in Conversation

Join hosts Michael Tamblyn and Nathan Maharaj for in-depth conversations with all kinds of authors about their latest books, how they write, and the books and writers that shaped and inspired them.

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Jan 10, 2024

You can't possibly need more reading recommendations after our last episode featuring the best books read by the staff of Kobo in 2023 but we've never let the height of anybody's TBR pile stop us from singing the praises of our favourite books. Here are a few more, including one you absolutely must read ASAP—plus...

Dec 27, 2023

We connected with the staff of Kobo over Zoom and in our brand new studio in our new office to ask them about the best books they read in 2023. We learned what made Rebecca Ross a must-read author this year, how one staff member found the right book for remembering his rockstar friend, and what well-known series...

Jan 1, 2023

Because you can never hear about too many great books, here's another batch of the best books Kobo staff read in 2022. There's memoir, investigative journalism, fun facts, romance, and more (also moors)!

The best books we read in...

Dec 25, 2022

We asked the staff of Kobo about the best eBooks and audiobooks they read in 2022, and we heard about memoirs, literary masterpieces, page-turning non-fiction, family sagas, mind-opening nature writing, sci-fi love stories across time, and so much more. 

The best books we read in...

Jan 1, 2022

What happens when you ask around a global digital bookselling company about the best books its staff read in the past year? You get more books than you can fit into one episode.

Enjoy more of the best books we read in 2021!

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